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Abadian is currently based in London, U.K. and offers Management Information Systems consulting and Systems development.

Who is our team leader?

Abadian consulting business is entirely owned and managed by its Dr Saeed Abadianfounder Dr Saeed Abadian PhD, MSc, DMS.

His career of over 30 years in research, management and delivery of products and services - at the leading edge of Information Technology and Business Information Systems' design & development, spans many industries in public and private sectors, nationally and internationally.

Dr Saeed Abadian holds two Master of Science degrees (Business Management and Distributed Information Systems), and a PhD in Strategic Corporate IT & Business Management.

He has lectured and supervised at colleges & universities at graduate and post-graduate levels, across London and the U.K., and has designed and developed Information Systems diploma and degree courses for those education institutions.

He has supervised many successful post-graduate students through their research degree studies at both British and international universities. Following 4 years service as The Head of Computing Department at American University in London, he decided to leave the academic career behind and to accept an invitatation to offer his services as an MIS Consultant and Senior Business Analyst in banking, on full time basis.

His successful long career has since included Management Information Systems (MIS) & Business IT systems consulting to many businesses such as: Natwest Bank (Credit Cards Charge-Back Systems), Change Managers  London (Trading Options & Securities Portfolio Management System), Northern Trust Bank Of Chicago (data warehousing), TWI research centre Cambridge (Projects Cost Accounting), Selectica UK & US (Internet Selling Systems), Close-wealth Management Ltd (Finance Options & Securities Portfolio), and many others including large numbers of short term contracts in Information Systems Management and Internet Selling Systems.

Our Vision

Over the past few years business systems solutions have evolved, the focus is clearer, the intellectual work and systems development emphasis has now rightly move onto on advanced integration of information systems with internet as its backbone:- not just to deliver but to manage data and its systems, products & services, and new business frontiers have opened up for on-line supplier management and/or manufacturing and operation management in real-time. We are in a position where there is now possibility of total transparency, free competition, rapid development, advanced security options, and higher confidence and knowledge for better control than we could have ever realistically wished for.

The world is now truly flat!

Our business evolves around Internet & Business I.T. Solutions and we cater for enterprises seeking the right I.T. decisions to meet today's needs while wanting to plan for the inevitable change and the exciting future.


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