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Strategic management and planning of I.T. is the essential basis for a successful enterprise's operation. Traditionally many IT projects generally required to fulfill just some operational needs' objectives. Most often, this vision is far too narrow, short term, costly, and offers low return

At Abadian we believe in adding further values to operational and tactical "Application" areas by planning for medium to long term changes that your enterprise may go through. Hence all projects are studied and planned for by looking at your enterprise's Goals, Objectives & Resources.
Abadian offers your enterprise the opportunity to build and plan for a long term strategic approach by:

    Analysing the "Environment" that your business operates within;

    Measuring the maximum "resources' capabilities" available;

    Studying and identification of current and possible future "Threats" (internally & externally);

    Identification and costing of possible "Opportunities";

    Planning alternative frameworks to map I.T. solutions onto enterprise's "Vision";

    Recommending solution(s) that could follow your Business Plan and "fit" the IT/IS structure that the enterprise may have.


  • Maximising available Strengths and Opportunities
  • Minimising Weaknesses and Threats
  • Adaptation of a "Business IT Model" that "Fits" your business objectives
  • Reduction in operational & IT costs in medium to long term
  • Eliminating the "Fire Fighting" approach to operational and tactical problems.
Please contact us to arrange a meeting and we can explain and discuss these with you in more detail.

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