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E- commerce

Every business on the Internet is involved e-commerce. Some enterprises commit and embrace the opportunities that the e-commerce change has brought about while some struggle to keep away and realise the delay in investment has been in itself the biggest cost factor.

There are many ways to trade in e-commerce on the internet. Here however we refer to only Trading to mean "Buying & Selling" (Shopping) using common systems of money transfer /credit clearance system which everyone is familliar with using their banks or their bank/credit cards.

There are many variety of different systems options and constraints govern the choice/recommendation for the design and development and use of any internet selling (trading) depending on:

  1. Volume and complexity of lines of product and services
  2. Sophistication & Complexity of Business rules for Sales
  3. Stock and or Production Control Management requirements
  4. Customer Relationship Management Systems
  5. Product/Service Delivery/Distribution and Returns/Warranty etc
  6. Account Management/Taxation
  7. Legal requirements nationally/internationally
  8. Multilingual Sales Systems requirements
  9. etc

The above constraints are just samples and by no means have exhusted the topic. An e-commerce investment opportunity for any businesses will vary from one to another and could be any amount from a few £1000s to millions of pounds.

Abadian is offering its services aimed at small to medium size businesses.We do aim to cut the overheads for software license fees, man hours, and material etc down and keep them low.

Why Open Source Software?

We use Open Source Software sales engine with well known Open source database systems. These will free our customers from license fees to te software database/sales engine vendors, and therfore hugely discounted e-commerce systems become available to you.

All charges are only to reward the expertise and time for consultation, design, time spent & any material/hosting Service etc used for the systems & Project to be operational.

Key Success Factors Offered

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